Late Spring

Here at the beginning of May it is only now starting to feel more like spring than winter.  At Lida Farm we feel the produce season is well on its way.  

Picture of Lida Farm Emerging from Winter
Although there’s not a single seed in the ground yet-with heavy soil we have to be patient and wait for the ground to dry and warm up-we have signs of life in the greenhouse for sure.  Tomatoes and peppers are still in seedling stage, but cool-season crops like onions, broccoli, and cabbages are ready to go and waiting for the opportunity to get planted outside.  
This time of year is also when we try to get those time-intensive spring chores out of the way before the summer ramps up like shoveling out of the barn, building new animal housing, and repairing the greenhouses.  We know the heat is right around the corner, and, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to the change after this long, cold winter!