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I sometimes get despondent. Whether news on climate change or cancer rates, I find myself feeling overwhelmed with how big our problems are. How can we ever overcome? Maybe we won’t and the world will spin off into a Mad-Max like disutopia in my children’s lifetime. Kids at Harmony

But then I think about actions I can take and one’s I’ve already taken. Over time I’ve realized that our one farm cannot change agriculture in America just as our one family cannot fix a whole community. We can only take the actions before us and consider the greater good. 

For me, this has brought me to my latest project: A collaborative farm stand at Manna Food Co-op. It’s not just a farm stand for the use of Lida Farm, but open to other growers and artisans associated with the co-op. It’ll be a nice addition which just won’t give producers a sales outlet, but, I hope, build a little community on-site as we do some Friday evenings farmers markets there. 

To date I’ve been gathering partners and ideas to launch it. A group of Amish builders are constructing this timber-framed building and we’ve been in conversation the co-op and other growers on how this could work. I just need to pull in a little more funding to make it work. I think the idea is a good one and I hope will be one more step to helping to make the world a little bit more cooperative and filled with good food.

Please read about the project and consider sharing and contributing at this kickstarter page at