Barn Again

We’ve only been residents of Lida Township for two years now, buying our farm from Kenny and Margaret Kratzke in June 2004.

But since that time I’ve been losing sleep everytime it rained, envisioning those holes in our old wood-shake roof getting larger and larger and the wood getting weaker and weaker until the whole barn becomes a pile of rotted lumber. Barns are too valuable to let go, especially if you have a use like we do: housing animals and equipment, storing Marvin’s hay in the loft, possible future use as a packing shed for produce…

We always knew we needed a new roof when you saw light pouring into the loft. After the shakes were taken down, lots of light poured in as you see.

In process…

Almost there….

Eli and his crew are from Wadena County off to our east in central MN and have no fear of heights. Let me tell you, I could never work this high off terra firma. I guess that’s why I would never consider roofing a hip-roof barn 40 to 60 feet high.

All told, it took a crew of 3-8 workmen to tear off the old wood shakes and put on new steel 3 full working days to complete.

And the finished product?

All told, I’m sleeping better this spring, although there are a few leaks Eli needs to repair and I’ve found new worries to fret about.

Next week…greenhouse construction. And you thought it would be easy?

One thought on “Barn Again

  1. We are looking for info on folks who would put a new roof on our old barn (we did it ourselves almost 25/30 years ago, but not again!). A friend near Grand Rapids had an Amish crew come do his almost 10 years ago but is not sure about finding contact info and guess what they probably don’t have a phone. Will call you (if you are Ryan and Maree) to see if you would share info with us. We farmed for 30+ years, everything from veggies then specializing in broccoli & cauliflower, beef, flowers. later, martha&mike, Swatara MN


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