The day of the leafy greens!

Well, the first of the year’s produce is coming in. We went to the Lakes Area Farmers’ Market for the first time last saturday (6/24) and people were out in full force scouring DL for fresh produce.

Mar and Sylvie holding down the fort
I think strawberries were the driving force. It’s all the talk about this time of year as people search high and wide for good berries.

We sold a lot of berries, but the garlic scapes certainly got the most questions from people. FYI garlic scapes are the shoots a garlic plant produces in an attempt to reproduce.

We actually set up on the “lakeside” of the market this year…we were there for a few market days last fall and we liked it, so we decided to return.

Nice Lettuce!
I’m terribly proud of this red oakleaf lettuce. The only problem is that people aren’t familiar with it and would rather have the green leaf.

Hey, come on, live a little. Red oakleaf tastes just as good as green leaf…I think it’s a bit “nuttier” in flavor and certainly prettier. Actually oakleaf and greenleaf make a good mix.

Coming up for July 1:
More lettuce
Greens: collards, kale, chard
The start of the peas
Fresh herbs

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