Disaster Strikes!

I haven’t been strong enough until now to write about this episode. A high wind blew the farm stand into our field on May 15, totally trashing the landmark I was once so proud of. As you can see, the kids and Cosmo were out assessing the damage.

I don’t like surprises early in the morning but that’s what I had when I stepped out, looked down the driveway, and didn’t see anything. After all the high winds the night before, in a millisecond I knew exactly what happened. Picture me running across the field yelling “NOOOO!!!” as if rushing to the aid of a fallen comrade.
But fear not, the stand will rise again from the ashes. The original builders, myself and my father-in-law, Don, have already drawn up plans for a better, stronger farm stand which won’t blow away. We still plan on opening in July, hopefully with no more surprises.

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