Workday and Newletter

I couple of notes for CSA members:
1. Newsletter. I know a number of members are not automatically receiving the newsletter by e-mail. I think the problem comes in with so many computer firewalls not accepting a bulk e-mail. I suggest you go to this website at and check each week. The same is on the web as in the e-mail and I typically post late thursday night or friday morning before deliveries.
You can try to subscribe again, but putting your e-mail in the “subscribe” textbox at the right…you need to reply to the confirmation e-mail you receive to finalize the set up.
2. Workday. We’ll be hosting a workday next Sunday, July 26 from 3-6 pm. This is a totally optional thing…but if you’d like to get your hands dirty and see the farm up close and personal, please come out. A workday is pretty common with CSAs. We’ll be doing general weeding–what I call hand-to-hand combat this time of year, row-by-row. At 6 we’ll be supply a light supper. Please e-mail or call to let me know if you plan on coming to plan for supper.
Directions to farm…we’re halfway between Vergas and Pelican Rapids on Highway 4. 6 mi west of Vergas, turn right onto 275th ave. 8 miles east of Pelican, turn left onto 275th ave.

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