Scotland (CSA week 9)

Apparently a front from Scotland has settled over the area. It’s been constantly cold and wet. Man, I just can’t figure this summer out! Still, tomotoes have started to come in regardless, which you’ll see in the box this week.

I’m still praying for heat and sunshine…we’ll see if that ever pans out.
Keeping it short and sweet this week.
In the box:
Some sweet corn: Not the best stuff ever, but ears are really not interested in filling out this year.
Purple pepper: Pretty cool, eh? The variety is called Islander
A couple Jalapenos
Bunch of cilantro
Mix of cherry tomatoes: sungold (orange), sweet 100 (red in color), grape
Orange Blossom Tomato
A couple Celebrity tomatoes: your standard tomato
Bunch of carrots
A pesto-sized bunch of basil: See recipe below. If holding over, our member Tammie had a good way of keeping basil. She puts the basil in a shallow cup of water and cover the leaves with a sandwich bag at room temperature. A lot of people try putting basil in the fridge…that’s a big no-no.
Bunch of kale: some got Red Russian Kale, some got Dino Kale.
A couple sweet onions
A couple summer squash: one yellow, one green zucchini.
Classic Basil Pesto
Makes 1 cup, enough for 1 pound dried pasta
2 cloves garlic, peeled
3 T. pine nuts (can use walnuts)
1/4 t. salt
3 ounces basil leaves (about 3 cups loosely packed)
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
Food Processor Method:
Process the garlic, pine nuts and salt until finely ground, about 15 seconds. Add the basil and proccess in spurts just until no whole leaves remain. With the machine running, pour the oil through the feed tube in a steady stream. The mixture should be ground to a pastelike consitency but a little bit of the leaves’ texture should remain. Add the cheese and pulse until just incorporated.
Toss with cooked pasta using cooking water to thin, if desired.

One thought on “Scotland (CSA week 9)

  1. Hey Ryan! Nice photo! 🙂 Glad the tomatoes are finally coming in. Have you seen the article on the Community of a Plate website? If not it's here, You can also check out articles on Kendra Ferencak and Dallas Flynn.

    Thanks again for collaborating with us on this project. We really enjoyed staying with you and your family.

    Say hi to Maree for me!

    Meredith Hart
    Renewing the Countryside

    PS I tried your pesto recipe- it's excellent!


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