The frost that never came (CSA week 14)

When I start harvesting winter squash I know for sure it’s fall, whether I like it or not. Typically I harvest winter squash right after the first light frost, usually in mid-september. It has happened here every year for the last 6 years, so I figured this year would be the same, but I guess not. This is both a blessing and curse.

It’s a blessing because we didn’t really have a summer and this ended summer actually gets some of those crops across the finish line–I would have been really upset if half the tomatoes never turned red.
It’s a curse because the frost forces me to let go of the summer crops. There’s only so much you can cover a few thousand plants and so the frost typically brings all tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, and eggplant to an abrupt end. I get really worked up about this, dashing around the night before trying to pull in everything I can. But the day after the frost, I experience a huge sense of relief…I can relax because all those tomatoes coming in at one time really causes some stress. It’s all about picking and hopefully selling them in a really short window.
So, the summer continues and so do we. Peppers are actually turning color and that last set of corn actually ripened. By the way, I must apologize if you did hit some corn which tasted a lot more like field corn than sweet corn–an issue brought to my attention by some people I sold to at the market. The problem is that I planted sweet corn too close to the indian corn and they cross pollinated, making your silver queen take on the flavor of its neighbor…again, my apologies (I still have some more good corn at the farm if you’d like me to set you up to redeem myself).
As mentioned before, our harvest party will be saturday, October 3, starting at 5:30 with dinner at 6 pm. Please let us know if you are coming. We supply the main dish, drinks, and you supply yourself and a side. We look forward to hosting everybody….and we think the saturday evening will work better than sunday afternoon as we’ve done the last couple years.
Order extras at our Local Dirt site here
In the box:
Acorn Squash: dark, acorn shape. This has not been cured, so it will improve it’s taste if you leave in a dry sunny spot in your house (we typically leave in the greenhouse to cure).
Delicata Squash: some call a sweet potato squash…very stringless and tastes sweet potatoy. Again, cure as you would acorn.
Russet potatoes: Small, I know.
Cherry Tomato mix
A couple regular red tomatoes
A few Green Zebra tomatoes: yes, they are ripe at this stage. They are naturally zippy in taste.
Roma tomatoes: a good amount for saucing
Edamame: You don’t eat the stalk…just pull the pods off and boil a bit in salted water. Rinse in cold water and eat.
Colored pepper mix
Cherry Bomb hot peppers: These are supposed to be hotter than jalapenos, but I don’t buy it. They have a sweet flavor for a hot pepper I really like.
Red cabbage

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