Annual Membership Drive

Well, we’re getting ready for another season and we’re putting out the call for members!

This little blog entry is like my own form of an annoying public radio membership drive: “We can’t do this without you, the members…” And this is absolutely true. Seriously. We can’t. We will be starting hundreds and hundreds of transplants soon, a big risk when you consider the tending, planting, weeding, and harvesting that comes between us and a finished vegetable crop. If we didn’t have our CSA membership who already paid up to receive a share of the season’s harvest, we’d be a bit more hesitant about putting all those plants in the ground hoping somebody’s going to purchase all that produce when harvested.
We are changing up our CSA program a bit this year. We continue to have a “regular” CSA share ($400) where you receive a delivery of a mix of produce every week, but we’ve also added a couple other options:
  • The “every-other-week share” ($225). The name kind of says it. You get a delivery every other week and we’re starting this especially for couples who get overwhelmed by a regular share. Chet and Paulette Nettestad of Pelican Rapids were our every-other-week trial run last year, and, from talking with them, it seemed to be a good amount for two people and worked out well.
  • The “a la carte share” (increments of $100). This is a customized delivery every other week, and, like an a la carte menu, you choose what you want from our online order system ( earlier in the week and we deliver on Fridays. Think about it as having a tab with us. You put in $100, $200, $300 at the beginning of the season and we keep track of what you order and let you know your balance monthly. On our site we also carry Organic Valley dairy products, meats, and eggs you can order too. This is a “use it or loose it” option. You will have from now until December to use your tab and whatever is leftover will be donated to Lutheran World Relief, because it’s a little harder for people around the world to feed themselves than for us here…I like their approach to sustainable rural development and I’m a Lutheran.
  • The “chicken share” ($60). You receive 6 chickens (5-6 lbs) in three deliveries from late summer to early fall. The chickens will be whole, frozen, and plastic wrapped just like a whole chicken in the store.
So, if you are interested in becoming a member of Lida Farm, please get in contact with us. Our e-mail is and our phone is 218-342-2619. Call with questions…you won’t be bugging us. Our brochure about our CSA program and the order form are linked below. But please make sure we are not filled up for the season and you’re in our delivery area before sending in the order form.
Click here for a brochure about our CSA
Click here for our order form

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