Farming in June

June’s a tough month in market gardening.

The guy I used to work for would always say, “If you have a good June, you’ll have a good season.” Sitting here in my 7th season after being an apprentice, I would have to agree.
June and into July is the only time of the year when a grower has all major activities going on at once: cultivating/weeding, planting, and harvesting. It’s a tough balancing act, because, you can get sidelined concentrating on one and do a bad job on another. So, spending too much time on pulling weeds and hoeing and you may just forget about that second planting of beans or putting in cabbage or cauliflower for the fall. Or Thursday rolls around, and, although you have potatoes that need hilling and beets in need of weeding, you have to spend half a day picking strawberries and peas. Yep, it’s a balancing act.
So, Ryan, how was June? Well, plantings are on and harvesting is going well, but those weeds are getting fierce. Good thing we have a long 4th of July weekend to do battle with them.
In the box:
Snap Peas (edible pod)
Red Oakleaf Lettuce
Deep Purple Scallions
Some get Raspberries (others are coming in the next couple weeks)
Recipe: Ginger Stir-Fried Snap Peas and Fish Maree is reading this book called the “Art of Eating in” and the author has this website where she’s posting some pretty interesting recipes.
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