Start of the Produce Season

I was thinking out in the field this morning that today I’m kind of like a baseball player on the first day of spring training.  I’m excited to start another produce season, but, after a winter without the constant game schedule,  I find I’m a bit out of shape and just not into the swing of it.  I remember harvesting, washing, and packing spinach much quicker than I was able to today.  The hands just didn’t work as quickly as before.  Oh well, after 7 CSA seasons, I don’t panic since I know that it’s a matter of adjustment and the season will get into full swing.

The produce is much the same way.  Since it’s out of practice, the ground can only produce funky cool-season greens this time of year (Mizuna, anyone?).  This makes for the kind of CSA box which could really freak somebody out.  But, I assure you, the garden will get into the swing of the season too and start kicking out a whole mix of veggies without effort.  I know this is true because I’ve seen the signs of summer out on the farm like the first strawberries and blossoms on squash.  A rock-solid season may take some cooperation from the weather, but I’m optimistic.

In the box:
Mizuna – A Japanese green which looks like a bunch of Dandelions.  This is commonly used in a salad mix with lettuce or in a stir fry at the end (see recipe)
Bok Choy – a few received a purple bok choy
French Breakfast Radishes
Bunch of Red Russian or Lacinato Kale – You have Lacinato or Dino kale if the leaves of your bunch are dark green.  You have Red Russian kale if your bunch is purple and the leaves are big and jaded.
Mint – small bunch of 4-6 sprigs.  I got into Mojitos this year using fresh mint.  Give it a whirl.
Strawberries (some members) – sorry, I know it’s completely unfair, but we had just a small portion of the strawberry patch ripening, so I had to “play god” with who did and who did not get a pint.

Bok Choy and Mizuna stir fry 
Ryan’s version based on a recipe from Epicurious 
1 bunch mizuna
1-2 bok choy, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed
2 T soy sauce
2 t sesame
2 t peanut oil
1 t rice vinegar

Mix the sauce (2 T soy sauce, 1 t rice vinegar, 2 t sesame oil) and set aside.  Add 2 t peanut oil to pan over medium high heat.  Add the bok choy stalks and saute until crisp tender.  Add bok choy leaves and garlic and saute a minute before adding the sauce.  Once the bok choy leaves start to wilt, add the mizuna for 1-2 minutes.  You can serve over rice or rice noodles.  I broiled some teriyaki-merinated pork which I tossed in at the end.

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