Last Stretch to the Veggie Season

I was just thinking about how tired I am and wondering how I did all the things I had to do all summer.  This a natural thought this time of year and so is being tired.  In the middle of the summer I feel like I can move mountains.  Of course, the sun is shining, the days are long, and the growing season is on the upswing.  As we get into fall, you’ll find just the opposite.  The days are shorter, there’s more darkness than light, and everything’s winding down.  It’s not starting a project that’s ever a problem, it’s finishing it, right?  We’ll a farm season is no different.

The end of season around Lida Farm is more than the last two CSA harvests or last couple of farmers markets (that’s next Friday and Saturday respectively).  The bigger challenges are big jobs that I don’t feel like getting to: planting garlic, pulling out the tomato trellis, taking plastic off the high tunnel, shoveling and spreading manure, disking…it goes on.  Well, the longer I wait, the greater chance I do any of these things in really cold weather.

CSA members are still welcome to come out and take tomatoes and peppers for preservation.  There are a lot of both and there’s little chance of me selling them all.  Just come on out and pick what you need – they are in the field closest to the house.

In the box:
Russet Potatoes
Braising Mix: the bunched greens that are a mix of purple and green.  Prepare and use as you would kale.  This pretty much what I do with them too:  Once made up, you can keep in fridge and add to eggs in the morning.
A Sprinkling of Sage and Thyme
Salad mix
Delicata Squash: The green and yellow-striped ones.  We don’t do these in a water bath like others since their shells are thinner
Butternut Squash
‘Red Cardinal’ Spinach
A Couple Little Red Onions
‘French Breakfast’ Radishes
Celery: This stuff always grows small and stringy for me, so will work fine for cooking – not eating all by itself.
Cherry Tomatoes

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