Bountiful Harvests

This time of year we start to pull in some big harvests.  Earlier this week was the onion harvest, but coming up is still very heavy winter squash and potato harvests.  In the middle of the summer we just pull in the bit of a crop that we need, but, as cold weather and frosts become possible as we move into september, we need to pull in an entire crop to keep it safe and sound.

Onions drying on hayrack

In the box:

  • Edamame: Yes, the big bunch of soybeans stuffed in your box.  Pull the pods or beans off the stalk, boil in saltwater a few minutes, and serve.  You pop the bean out of the pod into your  mouth…think a snack with a beer. 
  • Black Spanish Radishes: Bunch with blue band and greens.  These are radishes that get big like a racketball.  With their rough outside, you need to peel these before using. 
  • A few slicing tomatoes
  • Colored pepper
  • Italia pepper: The long red/green pepper – sweet, not hot. 
  • Cippolini onion: The flat onion…really my favorite.  It’s pungent with a good flavor, so use as you would a yellow onion in cooking. 
  • Melon: Some received a yellow canary melon, some a cantaloupe.
  • Delicata winter squash: First squash of the year.  Cut in half, remove seeds, and bake face down on a cookie sheet until soft.
  • Cucumber
  • Swiss Chard or Kale 

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