Party Preparations

Maree was greeted yesterday by a pig being butchered in her front yard.  She took it pretty well. 

Here at the farm we’ve been doing our best to get ready for the harvest party.  This is the one time each year when we invite a bunch of people over to celebrate the season.  We’ve been mowing (this only happens about 4 times a year), weedwhipping, and generally putting things away so it looks a little less chaotic.  Hopefully when you come, you will still see the real Lida Farm behind all this order 🙂 

Harvest Party in the Barn, 2014 or 2013
We do have a little rain in the forecast – still only 30% chance this evening – but please come prepared just in case.  We’ll go on a little walking tour at 5 pm so we’ll trounce through some wet grass at the very least.  Just in case of bad weather, we are setting up the barn for dining.  Ideally, we’ll be outside, but, should we need to go inside, it does make for an authentic barn event experience.  Lots of hay bales and bad lighting…
Please note that this weekend at Maplewood State Park is Leaf Days, a great opportunity to check out leaves in their autumnal glory.  If you’re making the trek to the party, you could make a day of it.  
In the Box;: 
Salad Mix
Parsnips: Those loose white things which look like carrots. 
Butternut Squash: The tan one
Sunshine Kabocha Squash: The red one
Russet Potatoes

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