Short on Time

Rain on the horizon again, backed up on harvest for tomorrow’s farmers market, and frustrated by too many demands for time…what can I say? Just seems like life and we’ll need to just take it as it comes. I’ve learned that’s the best recipe rather than struggling to the point of exhaustion. I’m just going to have to skip whatever words of wisdom I had for today and get on with it.

The box felt pretty light today as we transition from some bulky crops – maybe that’s a relief to some just trying to work their way through the backlog of veggies in their fridge.   

In the box: 
  • Carrots: Not the best carrots I’ve ever grown, but I’m happy they actually made it in the box! It’s been a struggle with these guys this year. 
  • A Couple Leeks
  • Green Pepper
  • Two Anaheim Peppers: The long green peppers in the box – usually not as hot as a jalepeno. 
  • Tomato mix
  • Dill 
  • Cilantro 
  • Bag of Beans: Some received yellow and some green
  • Cucumber: Hope folks aren’t sick of cucumbers…I figure one or two a weeks are probably just fine.

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