Hot, Dry May = Stressed Broccoli

I think we all know that our early years impact our whole life. So too with plants.

We have experienced so much heat since that we don’t remember that May was unseasonably hot and dry. This was fine for plants like peppers and tomatoes that are the plant equivalent of sunseekers who spend half the year in Cozumel on a beach. They also don’t need too much water. One plant family, however, has just not lived up to its full potential due to the stress of May – Brassicas. Sometimes called the cruciferous family, this includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Napa cabbage, and kohlrabi.

Mr. T in the Kohrabi

Brassicas do best in the cool, wet seasons of spring and fall. During this time, they get rooted, and put grow out big leaves which later collects the sun and nutrients to put on that big, beautiful broccoli crown or cauliflower. This year, however, the plants just got stressed early and the heat stopped this process – they just shut down and didn’t grow to make it through the heat. The effect is that brassicas got really late and have been putting out disappointing crops because they are not maturing in the heat of lake July. Couple that with early cabbage moths which got into full force with the early summer heat and the timing is just off. You’ll see the effects on this week’s ‘un-even’ broccoli, which just happens in the heat. The stuff should have been done two weeks ago!

This is just life juggling multiple crops and navigating the variation of any growing season. The timing matters a lot and we just need to work with the season life gives us.

In the box:

  • Sweet Corn: A mix of both bi-color Trinity variety and all-yellow Sugar Buns
  • Cherry Tomato Mix
  • Broccoli: See writing above…it’s pretty uneven and stressed due to the heat. Not my best broccoli, but I know there’s still something here to put to work
  • Green Onions
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Salad Mix
  • Potatoes: Most of them are red variety, but some are Yellow Satina.
  • Fresh Oregano

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