It Got Cold!

The season of ups and downs. Weren’t we dry as a bone in June? Drowning in rain in July? As I sit here, I’m freezing. I just went down the hallway for my fleece and this hot coffee is really doing it for me.

graham and letterAs a whole, the weather variability seems pretty nuts, but it isn’t unusual to have temps go down into the 50’s in August. There is a real benefit of cool nights and sunny days. Ripening. I’ve found that tomatoes ripen really well in these temps. Ripening fruit also does well with little to no rain. I always think of tomatoes as a Mediterranean crop even though they are Native to the New World. As such, I imagine that tomatoes are made for growing in the rolling hills of Italy next to a vineyard, ripening in the aired air.

The little bit of cold also reminds me to get a move on. One of the hardest parts of this time of year is gettting things planted even though it’s all harvest all the time. I’m reminded that fall is right around the corner and I HAVE to plants some fall greens, radishes, carrots, and beets or I will run out of time. Boy, I better get moving!

In the box:

  • Tomato mix
  • Beets
  • Islander Purple Pepper
  • Green Beans
  • Sweet Corn
  • Sweet Onion(s)
  • Fingerling Potato Mix

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