A Night Away

Heaving another 80 lb bin of melons into the back of the van, I was spent. August had turned to September and my back started to hurt thinking about winter squash harvest. Uff-da. Time for a vacation.

So last Friday after working the farm stand at the co-op, Mar and I had a ‘staycation’ in Detroit Lakes, staying overnight at the Lodge and leaving Emily in charge of the farm. It was cool. Mar and I went out for drinks and got takeout from Sapphire. In the morning I sat in a hottub and pretended that I didn’t have a to-do list waiting for me. An hour later, I was back to picking tomatoes.

I usually hammer on the labor movement for Labor Day, but, this year, I’d just like us all to consider how to find moments of rest through this long emergency we find outselves in. Combine 6 months of pandemic fatigue, up and down economy, and, oh my, the election, we all need to find a way to turn off our brains for a night.

In the box:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Red and Yellow Onion
  • Red Potatoes
  • Tomato Mix: End of the line on tomatoes, folks
  • Carrots: Yes, this took forever, I know, but I’m happy we finally pulled them off!
  • Italia Peppers: This long red/green pepper is sweet and good for frying and sauteeing
  • Ancho Pepper: Dark green/red pepper with medium heat.
  • Delicata Squash: Called a sweet potato squash, cut lengthwise, spoon out seeds, and bake upside down on cookie sheet or try some of the ideas in the video below.
  • Fresh Rosemary

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