Community via Pizza

Today is an ode to UFDA, a non-profit dedicated to making local foods cool. Born of Lost Farm (which used to be off Lost Highway to our north, but is no more), the UFDA crew jumped into action to make our event a success on Saturday.

Andy Hayner of UFDA and the pizza oven on trailer

I’ve known Andy and the Lost Farm guys for a long time at this point. Ever the community-minded group, they have lent us a hand on everything from recreational weeding to shoveling dirt for the greenhouse and any heavy farm project I’ve had that needs a little oomph. I’ve felt so much support over the years and been blessed to have them part of the “agri-hood.” Now in their next iteration, they are helping to build community more widely, featuring local foods at events like ours on Saturday. Music from Darren Quam, usual boring farm tour from me, and pizza out of Andy’s wood-fired oven made for a relaxed evening where friends reconnected and members got to meet other members. It felt good to get together and just talk.

If you missed it, never fear. You have another chance! We’re hosting the Deep Roots Festival on Saturday, September 11. UFDA will bring their wagon and do tacos featuring local foods, plus we’ll have a couple educational workshops, an original play about booya and local foods by Sod House Theater, and music/dancing, all at Milt’s Barn west of Pelican. A time to celebrate the harvest our human connection to the land and one another. Be there or be square. I’ll send out a link to RSVP in a week or so.

In the box:

  • Mixed Cherry Tomatoes: Yes! It feels good to start getting into some high summer crops.
  • Garlic
  • Sweet onion
  • Red torpedo onion
  • Broccoli: I thought this sounded good as something that used both cherry tomatoes an broccoli. IF you feel like turnig on your oven 🙂
  • Kohlrabi
  • Summer Squash: A real mix and match of yellow straightneck, pattypan, green zucchini, yellow zucchini. Hard to remember it being their cold, but we lost most of our initial green zucchini plants and first planting of cukes in the May frost. Typically regular zucchini and cucumbers have been in the box a couple times at this point.

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