Failure to Launch?

Cucumbers mostly dead. Carrot seed buried. Potatoes finally popping in June? Come on!

If you have had a pulse this spring, I think you’d agree that it has not been the best growing season so far. Snow. Downpours. Cold. More downpours. Return of snow? Anything is possible.

The rain last week could be better described as a open-air waterfall than a rain. Once I finally was brave enough to step into the field and see the effects, I felt like an etch-a-sketch detective, trying to piece together where which seeds floated to where. Oh, hello little cilantro, why are you 30 feet away from your friends? Aren’t your supposed to be in that row over there?

Farming is certainly a mind game and all I can ever do is remind myself of the sun shining the last two days and be thankful for those plants and seeds holding on with me. I’m proud of those radishes in the back field – good work guys! Still, I have been calling this season a failure to launch so far even though things are now getting going. May 21 was certainly my latest potato planting to date and June 3th is certainly the latest I’ve ever had potatoes emerge, which gives some indication just how cold the soils have been.

So please hang with me CSA members…I guessing that I will have to push back our start date. But there’s a lot of June left and maybe me and these plants were get it together in the meantime, who knows what’s in store!

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