Turning a Corner

Got cold didn’t it? I went and got a jacket in order to sit outside last nigh. But wonderful working weather…I can do anything when it’s 75 degrees!

Seems like we are inching into high season finally, but it certainly has take some time. I’m excited that we got some green beans and cherry tomatoes in the box, but this is still a super late start. I put seeds in trays to start these cherry tomato plants way back in March. They got into their high tunnel home about May 10 after waiting for snow to clear and only now are they starting to kick out enough ripe fruit to get into the box. I see peppers on plants maturing, many regular tomatoes forming fruits, and those potatoes are getting to golf ball size size. And, yes, tassels started on the sweet corn a good week ago so cobs are getting formed.

I like high produce season where we get the full bounty of the garden. It really is the main event for me when produce is just everywhere, but I really dislike waiting for the time to come. Than anticipation of these main crops gets me to treating the plants like my kids when in elementary school: “come on, already…we got to get going…get your shoes on and get out the door!”

  • Green Beans
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Green Cabbage
  • Beet Bunch
  • Green Garlic: This is just uncured garlic. Use however you’d use garlic…if you want to cure, just leave out in a dry, warm place for a 5-6 days.
  • Fresh Fennel: These are a bit smaller than they typically should be – if you are unfamiliar with using fresh fennel, you can use the frilly fronds in salads or both the bulb and fronds in sauces like a light italian sauce or marinara or pizza sauce.

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