An Ode to Farming

“Tough season, huh?” “I hope you get through it…maybe next year will be easier.”

These are just a couple of reactions from those who regularly ready my newsletter when I see them in person. I am always assuring them that, actually, this year is pretty good-WAY better than last year with the drought! These exchanges have made me realize that I’m apparently too pessimistic in my writing, focusing on problems around here and not giving a balanced view of farming.

An ode to the joys of farming and the beautiful fall we’ve enjoyed – perfect 70’s with sprinklings of rain:

This morning as I stepped out my door, my first image was a sandhill crane flying low over the front field greens until the dogs charged into action, barking to remove the intruder.

No mind. A simple turn of the wing and a little lift – the crane on his way.

The ground blanketed with dew shone with the rise of a lazy sun.

I made way to the packing shed before my family awoke.

All was right with the world in the silent morning save underwater rumble of roots in the sink as I turned them over in my cleaning.

In three hours the packing shed was ordered, the boxes set up, and all the veggies already harvested were cleaned. Bins set on the tables awaiting their final destination. As I sit here now, writing this imagery of the morning, I know that this is the blessing of farming. Bringing a living object to its optimal fruition, a finished product that is tangible, good, and beautiful, all the while surrounded by nature, family, and sky. Like you, although the issues of the day overtake my mind most of the time, in the end there’s a strong and heartfelt reason I do what I do. More often than not, that reason derives from this everyday romance of farming more than any ‘good reason’ I my rational mind may submit.

In the box:

  • Green Cabbage
  • Buttercup Squash
  • Acorn Squash
  • Red Potatoes
  • Alpine Daikon Radish
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • A couple Slicing Tomatoes
  • Pepper Mix
  • Fresh Dill
  • Cucumber or Two
  • Saladnova Lettuces: These lettuces are a mix of types and you may have a green oakleaf or a red lollo in your couple. Don’t worry, they are all just lettuce.
  • Green Onions

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Farming

  1. This post made my heart and eyes well with deep felt tears of beautiful-ness. There is a reason why heart and earth are made up with the same letters. Such a deep relationship between the two -intertwined. I always appreciate a good writer. A good writer to me is someone who can convey their conscious (mind, will, & emotions), plate it up to serve to others using pen, paper, ink and alphabet in a cohesive way. As I reflect on my prouce boxes and chefing them up, I am always amazed that sun, water and 6 inches of soil feed the world the same way. You, Ryan, are both a good farmer and writer. May your harvests follow you wherever you go. Thanks for being you!!


    1. Thank you for the appreciation, Marnie! I am touched that my little stabs at writing have an effect. It is a selfish and cathartic practice for me. I write to make sense of my own feelings and thoughts most of the time and my members are taken along for the ride.


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