CSA Sign Up

I think we’re all feeling a warmer sun and feeling good about the longer days. Despite a few inches falling last night and more forecast for the week, spring is looking to be sprung pretty soon. That means I’m taking on members for the 2023 CSA season.

If you were an 2022 member, you should have already gotten an email, but I’m limiting the number of CSA shares for the 2023 season to 40 boxes with pickups only at Manna Food Co-op and at the farm on Mondays. This will be a big change from past years, but this change up is for good reason.

For 20 years I’ve been duct-taping the farm together each summer to keep the show on the road and get these CSA boxes out the door. Vegetable production is generally tough on soils and I’ve been observing some more and more soil issues the last couple of years. I wouldn’t be much a sustainable farmer if I just ignored the problems. Instead, I really need to focus on some soil building and some of the many little farm projects I’ve had accumulating over the years. This just takes time. Throw in a laundry list of unfinished construction and farm improvement projects, and something has to give.

I hope with a smaller CSA load for this year that we’ll have a nice reset, improve some weak areas in the fields, and make some necessary improvements so we can get back better in 2024.

So, at this point in early March we still have 20 shares left for 2023 and invite you to join us. If CSA is not in the cards, we will still be operating the 24/7 farm stand and be at the Pelican Market on Friday evenings like years past.

All information about the CSA and a link to sign up is at https://lidafarm.com/csa-information/

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