My Love of Tomatoes

Well,the tomatoes are starting to ripen. This is pretty exciting for me, because, although I raise a mix of produce, I really consider myself a tomato person. I consider it my true medium. You won’t find too many in the box this week, because the first week is always a “hunt and peck” operation where I have to search high and low just to get a half case. But once they start going, it becomes an avalanche pretty quick.
So, what’s so great about tomatoes you ask? There’s a number of things.
  • I like the huge variety of tomatoes. We grow 13-15 varieties-which seems like a lot-but it’s absolutely endless. Even the names are good: Sungold, Green Zebra, and-my favorite-Nebraska Wedding (isn’t that just a great name for a tomato?).
  • I like endless tastes of tomatoes and how they change from season to season. Tomatoes are the closest thing we have to grapes around here. Considering on the soil, climate, weather, you get different tastes…terroir for you foodsnobs out there 🙂 A real dry year produces vibrant sweet flavors. We’ve definitely had the heat, but we’ve been a bit wet, so let’s see on taste this year.
  • I like harvesting tomatoes. Things like carrots are just some you go out and harvest-there’s no allure-but tomatoes are like a gold digging expedition. I crawl around under this big canopy of foliage, prospecting for big tomatoes, colorful tomatoes, ones with crazy shapes and so on. It’s also a big harvest, which I have to approach as “hitting it hard” when the time comes, like a fisherman in high season. It’s a great feeling pulling cases upon cases into the packing shed.
So, let the season begin. I can’t think of a greater sign of high summer season!

In the box:

A smattering of tomatoes (Orange cherry ones are called Sungold, some small Taxi tomatoes)
Lettuce (Greenleaf, Redleaf, or both)
Beets (A bit on the small side, but I just couldn’t wait any longer)
Red Norland Potatoes
Small Red Marble onion(s)
Native Gem Sweet Corn
Red Express Cabbage or Stonehead Green Cabbage
Lacinato Kale aka Dino Kale
Bunch of Carrots
Kale Potato Soup
From “Simply in Season”
More of an Autumnal recipe, but would work well for this box.
1 bunch kale, chopped and steamed. Set aside.
1 T. butter
1 large onion
1 clove garlic, minced
Melt butter in soup pot. Add onion and saute until golden. Add garlic, saute another minute.
2 large potatoes, diced
2 cups hot water or broth
Add, bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are soft. Remove half of the cooked potatoes, puree the rest with the cooking liquid and return to the soup pot. Return reserved potatoes and steamed kale to soup pot.
3 cups water or broth
1/2 t. salt or to taste
pepper to taste
Add along with additional hot water or milk to preferred consistency. Heat gently until hot.

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