The People Behind the Farm Series: Jane

Although I am pretty much the chief cook and bottle-washer around here, there are many others that play a significant part at Lida Farm that you may not be visible to you. I’m going take some time over the next few weeks to feature each, so you get to know “The People Behind the Farm.”

Our first snapshot is of Jane Solie, our volunteer “apprentice” of the season. Jane has a real interest in sustainable agriculture and came to us this early summer requesting to help out to learn the craft of vegetable production. Jane has been living in Montana the last few years, but is from Detroit Lakes and is in the area for the season. Jane helps us with general production on the farm, aka “weeding” and helps each Friday harvesting, packing boxes, and some deliveries. She will be working on an 0rganic dairy goat farm this fall and winter-in Hawaii of all places! Sounds good to me.
It’s very common for CSA operations like our own to take on apprentices each season. This is how I learned the ropes and it’s also how current growers are training the next generation. I know that without Jane it would be much harder for us to produce a quality box each week.
In the box:
A smattering of bi-color corn
Summer Squash
Alisa Craig Sweet Onions
A Couple Green Peppers
Bok Choi
Cherry Tomato Mix
Yellow Taxi Tomatoes
Alcosa Cabbage
Specialty Red Japanese Radish

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