Late Season Slump

Well, it’s terrible out there. I just came in for some coffee to get a little boost to harvest and just plain warm up. I hope this monsoon slump we’ve been in will finally turn around!
I always find this a pretty tough time of year to carry on. There are only three more weeks of the CSA after this week and we’re realistically about a week from a first frost. Lots of stuff still needs to be harvested, but, having been at it for quite a while, I’m down right tired. I don’t think I could pull it off without the caffeine. Still, I’m always a bit sad when that first frost comes.

In the box:

Buttercup winter squash
Yellow onion/red onion
Juliet tomatoes
A mix of peppers
Green zebra tomatoes: these are ripe now….don’t wait for them to change color just because they are green.

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