Fall Weather

This weather has been a nice change from dewpoints in the 60s and temperatures in the 90s. The change has made me appreciate the oncoming of fall, which is just around the corner. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but summer is almost over.

How does this affect growing at the farm? What I find fascinating is the effect fall weather has on growing time. In the summer, something like salad mix can go from seed to full-sized mix in 3 weeks, whereas it will take twice as long in fall weather. It seems like its still somewhat warm and sunny, but we just don’t have the full strength of the sun and length of day to move things along. This all reminds me to get that fall salad mix planted. Gotta go!
In the box:
Green Zebra Tomatoes
Red Celebrity Tomatoes
San Marzano Roma Tomatoes
Sweet White Onions
Green Peppers
Little Red Cabbage
Kale or Collards
Thai Basil: pretty nice variety with a hint of licorice
Summer Squash

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