Hot, Hot, Hot

This morning I was out picking peas as a front came in.  The bright sunny morning turned into night-time just before the clouds unloaded on me.  It made me think about how much we’re “locked in” this time of year…all year ’round really.  Although picking peas in the rain isn’t ideal…the boxes need to go out by the afternoon no matter what.  Looking to next week, it seems like we’re in for a hot one.  NOAA weather even has this new picture I’ve never seen before of this blazing sun (left). It’ll be interesting.

In the box:
Deep Purple Scallions: A different color from your typical green onions, but the same flavor.
Gonzales Green Cabbage
A mix of Cucumbers: They are first starting to come in, so there’s a motley mix.  Some are squat pickling cucumbers, some are the first regular slicing cucumbers, and the smooth-skinned ones are a Middle-Eastern variety called Socrates.
Zucchini: Everyone has a standard zuke called Cashflow, and most should also have a round zuke called 8-Ball.  Otherwise you got a yellow straightneck.
Salad Mix: Sorry for the over abundance of lettuce, but this stuff needed to be cut or it would all go bad.
Red Oakleaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Frisee: The really frilly green which is typically found in a salad mix.
Snap Peas: These are edible pods peas, so don’t shell them…just eat them.
Red Rubin Basil: Use the same as you would regular green basil.
“Green” Garlic: This is fresh garlic so it’s not dried down or cured yet.  You use the same way as any garlic….it’s just a bit stronger flavor.

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