Garden Explosion

Wow…the weather over the last couple of weeks has been crazy.  I remember saying to myself about three weeks ago, “Hey, things are looking pretty good and the weeds are pretty much under control.”  But that was before we hit this stretch of heat, rain, and evening temperatures in the 80’s.  This cocktail of elements made for a garden explosion where small weeds turned into small trees and produce popped up over night.

This sounds like I good thing.  I would agree it’s great for those heat-loving plants like melons, tomatoes, and corn.  However, it does throw off the plan for the season.  I’ve had the second planting of beans I put in three weeks after the first catch up and start putting on beans at the same time.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  We had our second planting of lettuce go from beautiful to all bitter and bolting over the course of three days.  Lastly, I’m used to spacing out pickings of zucchini and cucumbers every 3-4 days, but when I tried this last week, little zucchini turned into baseball bats in about 36 hours.  Yikes.

Still lots to do.  We’re trying to get the tomato trellis up, get fall cole crops, carrots, and other greens planted, all the while rescuing plants that currently buried under 2 foot-high pigweed or lamb’s quarters.  Overwhelming, yes, but a situation we’ve found ourselves in the past.  We always seem to pull out of it.

In the box:
Fennel: The bulb with the frilly frawns on top which smells like licorice.
Dill: Exhibit one of a crop which got overwhelmed by the fast growing weeds.  It isn’t as pretty as it should be, but it should work.  I planned it to be delivered with the first potatoes.
Flat-leaf parsley
Norland Potatoes: I like this fresh potatoes, which you can tell are fresh by their tender skins which rubs off easily.
Cabbage: Mostly standard green Stonehead, but some of you received Alcosa, a wrinkly Savoy cabbage variety.
Green Onions
Fresh Garlic: Uncured garlic which is a bit stronger than cured garlic, but also with a fresh, bright flavor.  Use as you would any garlic.
Summer Squash
Green Beans

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