Lurching into High Season

This is always a gear-changing time of the produce season.  We’re really done with the early season stuff, but the high season crops like tomatoes, melons, and sweet corn haven’t come in yet.  That’s why this week’s produce box is a bit tough to fill.  I found myself scrounging around for the last of the broccoli and when I went out to pull in the Japanese eggplant, I only found 10 on the plants…bummer.

Still, it’s also an good housecleaning moment on the farm.  I’m going to take out the flail mower this weekend and mow all those areas where the early crops grew.  The stawberry patch looks like a small jungle and the spinach area is a solid mass of pigweed…things are ugly and need to go.  They also allow us the room to squeeze in some fall crops like fall cabbage and broccoli.  Also another set of greens and spinach and a big area for fall carrots (I’ve been talking about planting this for the last 2 weeks, but, like raising the debt ceiling, I NEED to get it done) 🙂

In the box:
Sweet Onions
Grenoble Green beans
Fresh basil
Red Potatoes
Red Kale or Swiss Chard

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