Two Season Crops

We’ll the spring brassicas (cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli) are working their way past the finish line; I have the flail mower on the tractor and ready to mow them down.  This allows us to clean up the field as well as make room for a new crop.  But even while I eye the spring brassicas, I took an hour yesterday and planted the fall brassicas, including broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.  The nice think about fall brassicas is that they typically do better than their spring brethren since they have a long cool fall to mature.  I’ve given up trying to raise cauliflower in the spring which simply gets purple and ugly due to stress in the summer heat.

This two season cropping is also common with other veggies on the farm.  We also have a spring and fall crop of spinach, cool-season greens, and head lettuce makes a comeback as well.  So, if you’re a cool-season veggie-eater yourself, don’t despair; just wait a couple months.

In the box:
Green Cabbage
Red Ace Beets
Summer Squash – we mostly had zucchini but there are some yellow zucchini and yellow staightneck squash too.
Red Basil
Fresh or “green” garlic – this is uncured garlic which is a bit stronger tasting than cured.  You can simply leave on your kitchen counter for a week and I’ll dry down if you’d like to cure yourself.
Purple Kohlrabi – I know, you’re sick of kohlrabi, but at least this one’s a different color!
Dino Kale – the dark green which is all crinkly (see recipe below)
Frisee – the frilly green also called curly endive.  This is in the endive family, so has a nutty flavor.  It’s typically mixed in a lot of salad mixes you would buy.
Green onions

Note – check out our facebook page where we’ve been posting a picture of the box each week with each veggie labeled.

Ryan’s Never Fail Greens Recipe 
1 bunch greens (collards, kale, chard)
2-3 slices of bacon
1 small onion

Dice onions, bacon, and greens.  Fry bacon in skillet together with the onion or garlic.  When the onion gets translucent, throw in greens until wilted and season with some salt.  Done.  If you like heat, add red pepper flakes.

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