An Apprentice’s View

I’ve been privileged to live and work out at Lida Farm for three years and I am still in awe every single day of the landscape, the critters, the veggies, and the family that call this place home. 

Most of our CSA members have had the opportunity to come out to the farm a time or two so you probably have an idea of what I’m taking about. 

With my 7 year old flip-phone, I try to capture some of those quiet moments where a person can feel the simple poetry of every day life.

I’m not able to catch even a quarter of them, but here are a few. – Kelsey Wulf, Lida Farm Apprentice 

Argo Surveying East
Bea’s Kiss for Bruce Stringsteer

Misty Morning – Front Field

Pirate Pete the Cat in Milkhouse

Queen Bea

Kid’s Treehouse

Kelsey and Bea the Milk Cow
In the box: 
  • Early Sweet Corn: The small yellow variety is Sugar Buns (I hate this name) and the bi-color is Trinity
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sweet Onion
  • Green Beans 
  • Westlander Kale
  • Zucchini
  • Satina Yellow Potatoes
  • Basil: Please don’t refrigerate basil…it’s a sensitive herb and will go black.  Best to treat like a cut flower: trim bottom and put ends into vase with water.   
  • Fresh Oregano: Small bunch with band.  You can let dry on your counter for a 3-4 days to get dried oregano if you don’t get to it.  

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