We’re in a Video

Earlier this summer we had one day’s experience of reality TV stars when a camera crew followed us around the farm while we went about our business.  West Central Initiative is doing this regional marketing campaign about West Central Minnesota and wanted to have a farm featured which was incolved in local food production.  I think it turned out great.  Check it out:

Live Wide Open – Lida Farm from H2M on Vimeo.

Now that we’re in August, we love how nice the fields look in the video.  In June the weeds were under control, whereas, today, you’d find a big mess.  We’re also impressed with how these shots done with a drone make the farm look huge.  My overall impression is “Hey, that place is beautiful…I’d like to live there!….Oh, ya, I do.”

In the box:
Sweet Corn: A mix of the Trinity bi-color which is coming in and the early yellow Sugarbuns which is going out of season.
Fennel: Green stalk thing on top of the box. Check out this recipe from the Spendid Table http://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/roasted-beet-fennel-and-citrus-salad  You will have to adjust a bit since there’s a single fennel bulb.
Satina Yellow Potatoes
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
Mix of Regular Tomatoes: There’s getting to be a fair amount of ripening out there. Everybody got some red tomatoes plus some yellow romas or orange blossom for some color.
Red Onion
Fresh Garlic 

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