Surprise Vegetables

Sometimes it’s a surprise. Like last night and I was doing my usual ‘What can we get in the box for tomorrow?’

Graham in Corn

I had checked beans a few days ago and had written them off. But, when Mar suggested that I check them out just in case – Boing! – out jumped all these fully-grown beans. They didn’t actually jump out at me, but I was super surprised how many were there. So, 8 pm last night, I called an emergency picking. I sounded the alarm, “Tally-Ho, people, we’ve got to get moving!” Willem’s response was “I’m good,” which meant ‘count me out.’ Graham was little more forthright with a ‘No way – are you crazy?’ Sylvie, the stalwart gardener joined me, Maree, and Marissa and we pushed on through by 9 pm. It felt good to get done and good to get them in the box for the first time.

I’ve had this experience of surprise veggies many times before, but I found this most rewarding simply because this season of drought has not been generous. Let’s hope the land has more good surprises yet this year.

In the box:

  • Sweet Corn: There are a couple of varieties of bi-color corn here. I tried my best to give everyone a mix – see if you can taste a difference between one variety and another.
  • Provider’ Green Beans
  • Onions
  • Fresh Parsley Bunch: With red rubber band
  • ‘Norland’ or ‘Austrian Crescent Fingerling’ Potatoes
  • Cherry Tomato Mix
  • ‘Tigress’ Zucchini
  • Green Pepper
  • ‘Suyu Long’ Cucumber: OK, I know this is a weird-looking cucumber, but trust me that it’s good. We did have about 200 ‘regular’ cucumber plants in the ground, but they croaked in the frost at the end of May or I would have set you up sooner.

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