Farm Flow

To other farmers, produce people like me are nut-zo. Most farm operator I know are super chill, especially those that work around animals. In comparison, I’m much more hyper and intense. This may just be me, but I’ve found that us produce people are a mostly high-energy, squirrely bunch. This derives from the nature of our work. We raise dozens of crops with many small plantings, all of which have their own little quirks and needs. In contrast, for most farmers, consistency is king. Think of a dairy operator who follows the same routine day after day to the minute.

This is why I say that vegetable farming is a lot like surfing. There’s a lot of little details to attend to and a person needs to just flow with it. I dunno, maybe I’ve done too much yoga or something, if I can get into the flow mindset, it really helps me do the switching of tasks necessary in this type of business. 15 min here, 20 min there. It’s a constant back and forth between tasks and crops and activities. Certainly there are days I can’t pull it off and every single task is like a huge mountain, but there are others when I get there and it’s magical.

All told, a person can never get bored doing this work.

In the box:

  • Sweet Corn
  • Tomato Mix
  • A Few Beets: A mix of gold, chiogga, and regular red.
  • Red Potatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • A Couple Onions
  • A Couple ‘Islander’ Purple Peppers

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